I thought that the nurses and doctors handled the procedure very professionally at Orange Dental
Rafael Cotto
I am a new patient of Orange Dental. Urla P. King and Diane Wilson are the most wonderful employees that you have and are rest of the employees are great too, but Urla and Diane play very important roles. They treated me like I was the only person in the room and the attention they gave me was great. I thank you for them, and please continue in that aspect. May God Bless You!
Carmeline Rema
Dear Diane Wilson & the Orange Dental Staff, I came to your office two years ago and I want to say you guys are the best. I tell everyone that if they need a dentist, they need to call you guys. All of you are friendly, very professional, but at the same time know how to make a patient relax. Thank You so Much, A patient for life
I, Theresa Rodriguez, have been a patient of Orange Dental for over 2 years. In that time I have had a lot of different procedures. I have always been treated with respect and courtesy and professionalism. I have recommended others and will continue to do so.
Theresa Rodriguez
To whom it may concern.
I�d like to relate the results of my bridge work done by Dr. Shrager, after one to two weeks of some mild discomfort the bridge work became so unnoticeable that it felt like they were natural teeth that always belonged there. Whenever I chew my food there is nothing that feels unnatural as I enjoy my meals. For the first time in decades I can chew uniformaly and without the slightest discomfort or manipulation of food within my mouth. Again my thanks to Dr. Shrager on the superb bridge work preformed.
Thank You!
Angelo Sperraza
I�ve been an Orange Dental Patient for several years. Dr. Shrager had recommended a bite guard several times for night time grinding. Fear of a huge thing in my mouth kept me from trying it. It turns out its really not as intimidating as I envisioned. It fits in and out easily and it will not be a problem breathing in my sleep. I�m glad Dr. Shrager explained why I need to use it. Thanks Doc
Tom Malone
I am very, very satisfied with this work! Since I was 12 years old, I haven�t had a great smile after a car accident in which I broke my teeth. I�ve been to other dentists, but finally I have the smile that I always wanted and more confidence. I fully trust the professional s that work here. God Bless Dr Shrager and the Team!
Rev. Jose A Carrion
Before my Lumineers, I had self conscious issues with my smile. After the procedure I felt 100% better. Everyone notices something was done, but they can�t really say what it is. I no longer worry about my smile being "ugly� or people staring. Now I feel confident and very, very happy.
Robert Martinez
Dear Future Patient,
I am in Orlando at a convention and developed some pain and swelling. After calling dentist after dentist, reached Orange Dental and the sweet and understanding voice of Kristina.
I was seen the same day in a very professional office with knowledgeable staff and dentist.
My follow up 2 days later was effortless. I am leaving well taken care of and ready for my flight home.
The dentists and staff were exceptional. Real concern and wanting to help was awesome.
Don from Indiana
Recently I was told a tooth extraction was necessary. To find a dentist who would do the job I turned to the Yellow Pages, picked Orange Dental, and made an appointment. When I entered the Orange Dental office I was impressed by the very friendly staff, the great music playing throughout the building, the atmosphere therein. Not the usual dull dental office. I was introduced to Dr. Bennett, who was to pull my tooth. I had requested anesthesia, and Dr. Bennett explained every step as I was drifting off. Tooth extraction with anesthesia wasn't new to me. But not having pain the days afterwards certainly was. No pain! No desire to go to bed the minute I got home! At my check-up visit, Dr. Bennett said I had two small cavities on my front upper teeth. I went into panic mode. A needle in my palate? No Way! I was about to mention anesthesia when dear Dr. Bennett assured me I would feel nothing. I hesitantly took him at his word, put a death grip on the chair arms and held my breath. true to his word I honestly felt nothing. Dr. Bennett is a wonderful, painless dentist. Probably because he's a very nice man. I feel so blessed to have discovered Orange Dental & Dr. Bennett.
Joan R.
I came in from out of town with an abscess. Dr. Joseph Shrager was not only professional, but pain free! Without a doubt, the best dentist I ever been to. I wish I lived here because Dr. Shrager would be my permanent dentist � hands down!
Joe Polito
Dear Future Patient: I will recommend Dr. Shrager anytime. He is very patient, kind and professional.
Everyone was so pleasant. My Dr. was wonderful in calming my nerves before he filled my three cavities.
Sandi Byers
My experience today at Orange Dental was wonderful! Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly and I really felt that Dr. Shrager was very compassionate.
I've been an Orange Dental patient for several years. Dr. Shrager had recommended a bite guard several times for nighttime grinding. Fear of a huge thing in my mouth kept me from trying it. urns out it's really not as intimidating as I envisioned it fits in and out easily & will not be a problem breathing in my sleep. I'm glad Dr. Shrager explained why I need to use it. Thanks Doc!
Tom M
Dr Shrager and staff, Just wanted to thank you for your professional evaluation and services while I was on vacation in "rainy" Orlando. Besides the ugly weather, having a need for a root canal made for a crummy vacation. Your staff and their cooperative efforts, made my trip for comfortable and ultimately pleasant thanking you again, for services...
Linda Perry

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